Ole Miss Rebels Unveil Hyped New Football Jerseys for the 2021 Season

Oxford, MS – The Ole Miss Rebels football team has finally unveiled their much-anticipated new jerseys for the upcoming 2021 season, sending waves of excitement through the fanbase. The new jerseys boast a sleek and modern aesthetic while paying homage to the rich history and iconic colors of the team.

The home Ole Miss Rebels Football Jersey features the traditional navy blue as the primary color, with accents of red and white throughout. The players’ numbers are prominently displayed in a bold white font on both the front and back of the jerseys. Across the chest, a striking “Rebels” wordmark is emblazoned in red letters, symbolizing the team’s fierce determination. A modern touch is added with the inclusion of a red stripe on the sleeves, adding a dash of contemporary style to the classic design.

On the other hand, the away jersey presents a dominant white color with navy blue and red accents. The “Rebels” wordmark is showcased across the chest in navy blue, with red outlining to create a vibrant contrast. Similar to the home jersey, the numbers can be found on both the front and back, while the sleeves feature a navy blue stripe with white trim, capturing the team’s spirit in a clean and stylish presentation.

Head Coach Lane Kiffin expressed his excitement for the fresh look, stating, “These new jerseys perfectly embody the essence of Ole Miss football, blending our proud traditions with a modern twist. We can’t wait to showcase them on the field and make our fans proud.”

The new jerseys are now available for sale at the official Ole Miss Athletics Store and the team’s official website. Fans can now gear up and show their unwavering support as the Ole Miss Rebels embark on an exciting new season.